Even though Chinese medicine has ancient roots, its relevance has remained.  Chinese medicine views patterns in life and has, therefore, easily followed life through the centuries.  Each person is viewed as a dynamic manifestation of life - we are full of natural currents and flows of qi, blood, and fluids (just like Western medicine regards the flow of blood, electrical impulses of nerves, and the myriad pathways of hormones). Chinese medicine seeks to restore the natural flow of the body's resources through the pathways (meridians or channels) of vitality.  


Everyone has a unique manifestation of these currents with individual strengths, weaknesses, and tendencies. By recognizing each person's individual expression of health, Chinese medicine can harness the strengths and support the weaknesses as needed.

In general, an obstruction of one of the body's natural pathways results in pain or discomfort.  By restoring healthy flow, the discomfort is relieved.  This model can be applied to any system in the body and can be viewed through the obstructive effects of stress, inflammation, injury, and trauma.

M. Elizabeth Bennett



Elizabeth enjoys working with all individuals seeking a deeper relationship to health.  She recognizes that healing is a team effort involving the body's wisdom, the patient's wisdom, and the wisdom of the medicine.  She respects a patient's decisions regarding their own health.  She supports the healing process whether it is using exclusively Chinese medicine or along side a Western physician.  She considers her role to be a hub of information designed to help the patient.


Elizabeth received her Master's in Oriental Medicine from Daoist Traditions College of Chinese Medical Arts.  Her studies included Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as well as detailed studies of the Complement Channels as taught by Master Jeffrey Yuen.  During school, she was a two-time recipient of the Trudy McAlister Foundation scholastic scholarship.  She greatly values supporting the growth of Chinese medicine and looks forward to connecting with and supporting the practitioners in the Greater Pensacola area.  She also looks forward to providing community education through public lectures, internet materials, and other venues.  To receive email notifications regarding upcoming educational opportunities, see the Contact page.

When Elizabeth is not practicing Chinese medicine, she loves to spend time in nature.  She also loves to experiment with the creation of visual art, music, and dance.